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Istanbul’s 7-Story Underwater Hotel to Open in 2010

Visitors to Istanbul will soon have a chance to view the most spectacular ocean views on the planet. A seven floor, seven-star hotel is being built underwater on what was formerly a tobacco factory. There will be exhibition halls, and restaurants, and all rooms will be sea facing.
This isn’t the first such underwater hotel complex in the world. That honor goes to the $500 million Poseidon Hotel which is currently being built off Fiji. The Istanbul hotel differs in that it is being built under the city center, which should make for an interesting experience.
The hotel’s inauguration is set to coincide with the city’s taking over from Linz, Austria as the Cultural Capital of Europe in 2010.

Hollywood's Highest Paid Actors

Johnny Depp's legendary turn as Captain Jack Sparrow in the "Pirates of the Carribbean" franchise has helped make him one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood.
"Between June 2006 and June 2007, he made $92 million," said Forbes magazine's senior editor Lea Goldman. She attributes Depp's success to talent, luck and old-fashioned business savvy.
"We looked at his advance for movies he started filming and also looked at money making off back end," she explained.
The second highest-paid actor is none other than Brad Pitt, followed by Tom Cruise. But Forbes is hesitant to name either one of them as the most bankable star: That distinction goes to Matt Damon.
"Though his paycheck isn't as high as Will Smith's, his movies also aren't that expensive, and relative to what they've done at the box office he ends up delivering the most dollars to the studio," explained Goldman.
As for the $20 million boys' club, let's just say it's a very funny list.
"It's Vince Vaughn, it's Will Ferrell, it's Ben Stiller," said Goldman. "Their movies aren't performing as well as they once did."
And in the girls' club, the top earner is still Nicole Kidman, followed by Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts and Scarlett Johansson.
"She's a critical darling," explained Goldman of Scarlett. "They love her. She's got the chops and also a sex bomb. She's a goddess!"
Even the top female earner, Kidman, is in danger of losing her spot on the list.
"We've seen movie after movie from her over the last few years. Problem is those movies aren't faring so well," said Goldman. "While she may have commanded the $15 million paycheck, really you've gotta wonder how much longer that is going to continue."

Most Expensive Resort in the World

This resort may not be as expensive as a complete private island, but it is conveniently connected to Lyford Cay, Bahamas requiring no additional boat or plane ride! For private island resorts visit: Most Expensive Private Island Rental.
Expensive resorts offer a vacation experience in tropical destinations in total seclusion. The top luxury resorts are often private islands booked in exclusion by single groups for staggering amounts of money. The market for ultra high-end resort bookings has increased as the wealth around the world has been created and concentrated. If you were incredibly rich, would you want to know just what is the most expensive resort in the world?
The world’s most expensive resort is currently is Peter Nygard’s Nygard Cay Beach Resort a private cay in New Providence, Bahamas. This 10 bedroom ultra-resort vacation rental will cost you $30,000 per day in 2006 and $35,000 per day in 2007.
most expensive resort
The most expensive resort rental includes exclusive use of the Nygard Cay property with 2 pools, 5 Jacuzzi/whirlpools, tennis court, 2 volleyball courts, basketball court, a 24 seat movie theater, 3 boats including a 48' fishing vessel, all your food and drink, 2 Hummer SUVs, and a staff of about 20. Bookings for Nygard Cay are being handled exclusively through.

World's most expensive royal family

Outside of the Middle East, what is the world's most expensive royal family? Two contenders for the title are the UK and the Thai royals.
How much do the Thai and British royals cost their respective taxpayers?
* Thai Royal Household* * 1.95 billion baht = US $65 million
* British Royal Family cost to taxpayer * 37 million GBP = US $74 million
If you consider the question of "purchasing power parity," it is evident that your money goes twice as far in Thailand as in Britain.** The Thai Royal Household budget delivers twice the purchasing power as the UK Royals' budget.
The populations are roughly the same. There are 65 million Thais as compared with 61 million British subjects. So it's as if every Thai pays $1.00 a year to support the Thai Royal Household, whereas every Brit pays $1.20 to support the British Royal Family. Which brings us to the question of relative taxpayer burden. Given the GDP disparity -- British GDP is 4.4 times greater -- we can see that the tax burden is at least four times greater for Thais.
* UK GDP = US $35,300 * Thai GDP = US $8,000
So considering that money goes twice as far in Thailand, and that the average Thai enjoys less than one quarter the income of a British subject, you could say the commitment of the Thai people to their royal family is about eight times greater than that of the British to theirs.____* This post was inspired by a chart Bangkok Pundit posted on his blog which shows the money received for the Bureau of the Thai Royal Household from the Thai Budget Bureau. Bangkok Pundit's chart shows a 16% increase in the Thai subsidy for 2007. It would appear the former government (installed by coup) was especially good to the Thai royal family. Perhaps the increase was required to pay for the bills for HM the King's 60th anniversary party in 2006 and his 80th birthday celebrations for in 2007 (in case you missed them, see this post and this post). ** I used the CIA World Factbook estimates for PPP.More Notes: I used today's exchange rate for US dollar figures, and while the UK figure is for 2006, the Thai figure is for 2007. Unless otherwise stated, the economic figures for the UK and Thailand are from the CIA World Factbook. Source for British figure is the CBC. Bangkok Pundit has the scoop on the Thai figures.

Lisa Harrington In The World's Most Expensive Wedding Dress

Nothing says 'I love you' like the world's most expensive wedding dress and it will only set you back a dear $12 million USD.
The dress is the creation of Renee Strausse for the Bride and Martin Katz Jewelers and is littered with too many diamond to shake a stick at.
On February 21 2006 our friends at BKWeddings had the opportunity for a sneak peak at this costly gown which will made it's debut appearance on February 26 2006 at the Ritz-Carlton in Marina Del Ray, California.
The dress all but stole the show as it was revealed by model Lisa Harrington of Orange County, California.

The world's most expensive piano is a Alma-Tadema Steinway, built in the 1880s by Steinway & Sons with an original sticker price of $1200.00

The original Alma-Tadema was the 54,538th piano built by Steinway & Sons and 500,000 pianos later they built an exacting re-creation of the original bearing the serial number 554,538.
Sticker price for the copy: $675,000.00 USD. Only a song and dance considering it took 20 months to build.
The original Alma-Tadema sold in 1997 at a Christie's auction for $1.2 million to the Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute in Williamstown, Massachusetts.